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Rental Instruments

Your child's success in band or orchestra depends on having a quality instrument in proper playing condition that is backed by service. By renting from YAMS you are assured that the instrument you rent is a quality brand, accepted in school music programs and backed by Service and Warranty coverage. You can also rest easy knowing that the instrument will provide years of reliable service and enjoyment.

Here is why our rent-to-own program is the best in the area:

  1. ALL Rental payments apply toward purchase of the instrument.
  2. There are NO interest charges.
  3. You can purchase the instrument early at any time - no prepayment penalty, not even a slight frown!
  4. There is no obligation to buy, and you can return the instrument at any time.
  5. A professional mouthpiece is included with every wind instrument.
  6. Each instrument is covered by a Limited Coverage No-Deductible Damage Waiver and Limited Fire and Burglary Waiver.
  7. We supply only new or like-new instruments.
  8. Authenticity of new instruments is guaranteed.
  9. Service other than damage - necessitated by normal use, is FREE while on rental.
  10. When you rent a smaller than full size stringed instrument (for example a 1/4 or 1/2 size violin) we will at any time during OR EVEN AFTER the rental term apply your accumulated credit towards the exchange of a larger instrument of comparable make, quality, and kind.
  11. The student will be enrolled in the NEMC Superclub - they will receive mailings and materials designed to encourage them in their music studies.

to get started renting your instrument online!


Rent-to-Own your instrument!


You can pay for your instrument in small monthly payments. This is perfect for students who are "trying out" an instrument, because with YAMS, you can turn in the instrument at any time and owe nothing more! If your student wants to try another instrument, we can arrange a swap - often for no additional money per month!


Just swing by the store and ask! We can show you the pricing, which is VERY competitive (and in most cases LOWER than some of the internet rent-to-own programs!). A form to fill out, a small downpayment, and you can take the instrument pk彩票 with you!

Just how good are these intruments, and why does it matter?

These instrument are all in excellent shape - they are in new or like-new condition. They are NOT the "cheapest bottom of the barrel" instruments, but are appropriate for your child's musical level.

It matters because a better quality instrument is easier to play, easier to progress on, and more fun. In this respect musical intruments are like mechanic's tools - ask any professional mechanic why they buy the pro-level tools instead of the cheap ones. They'll tell you the pro-level tools work better and are easier to use. It's the same with musical intruments!

Anything else I need to know?

Your instrument will come with appropriate accessories - for example, violins come with a pitch pipe, rosin, case, and bow. Contact us for more information!

You can trade your instrument for a higher-quality model and every dollar you've already paid will be credited toward the better instrument!

You can payoff your instrument early with no penalties or hidden fees.